What I Learned in 2017

I thought I was done with 2017 (see last post),  until Marcus Engel, a motivational speaker, trauma survivor, and author who I follow (https://marcusengel.com/) asked what I had learned in 2017.


With much thought given to this question the past few days, here’s some of the highlights of what I learned in 2017:

Big Data is part of almost everything we do in the world, and we must keep using it for the good, and not evil.

Not everyone wants globalization, but technology and business keeps pushing that way.

Not everyone who considers themselves tolerant are tolerant.

Get rid of those connections on social media who continually complain, use negative talk and have angry outbursts. They don’t contribute to constructive discussions.

One can learn a lot from listening to positive influencers.

The adage of “Living in the Moment” is so important for wellness of oneself.

Death of a loved one is tough, Focusing on the celebration of their life helps get through the grieving process.





(full disclosure: this is an edited version of what appears on Marcus’s FB page)


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