The practice of being patient is challenging, yet so important in this age of immediacy. We become stressed when we don’t get what we want immediately. Voice Assistants like Alexa and Apps using AI data to help us navigate through this world are commonplace.

Yet, sometimes success comes to those who are patient.

Patience can close a business deal, make a tense discussion end peacefully, or save a life or someone from injury.

Recently, while traveling to St. Louis from Alabama the beautiful wife and I found ourselves in a fierce snowstorm that all weather experts had missed in their predictions. Low visibility and high volume of snowfall forced the cars to stay in the right hand lane at a slow crawl of 35 – 40 mph for about 100 miles on Interstate 24.

As the day wore on some people got impatient, decided to speed up, and use the passing lane. Many of them would go into the ditch to the left, or slide into the ditch on the right as they tried to get back in the line after passing.

Whenever this happened, the long line of cars would go even slower for awhile.

After some time passed another car would try to pass, and the same thing would happen all over again.

I told my beautiful wife to call ahead and tell our hosts we were arriving late on this day for I was not going to risk harm to either of us.

Did I get restless, yes, but I would remind myself of the consequences of recklessness. I, instead, drove with ‘even tempered care’, and a ‘steady perseverance’ so we arrived safe and sound late that evening.

Patience was the mantra for that day.


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